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The great movements of God in history were often led by well-known preachers and pioneering missionaries, but few of us have heard the behind-the-scenes stories of the men and women who partnered with them, funded them, and contributed to many amazing works of God.

This book takes us inside three stories from history to show how great movements of God happen and how we can:

  • Find our parts to play in God's kingdom
  • Give our lives to the things that matter most
  • And live for a legacy that we can be proud of

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John Rinehart

About the Author

JOHN RINEHART is a California-based writer and speaker who has been speaking publicly for a decade. He has addressed a variety of audiences at conferences, churches, ministry fund-raisers, and private gatherings of high-net worth individuals and regularly speaks about the greatness of God, how God uses people to change the world, and the part we can all play to spread the gospel.

He has a degree in Business Marketing from Biola University and a Master of Divinity degree from Talbot School of Theology and is the president of a young publishing company, the founder of a mercy ministry, and an elder at his church. But more importantly, he is the happy husband of Renée and the proud father of two delightful children.

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